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Today's newsletter..

Come one, come all... to the TRIBAL HALLOWEEN CARNIVALE!
Presented by Awalim Dance Company & Jahara Phoenix
And our student troupes Banat Almeh & the Delphi Dancers!

A Peerless Odditorium will AMAZE You!

~ belly dancers . collected curiosities . anatomical wonders . sharp shooters . magicians and marvels . marionettes . side-splitting antics and theatrical clowns . magical faeries . indestructible strong men . a marvelous tattooed lady . mystical fortune tellers . death-defying aerialists . breath-taking sword balancers . peculiar snake charmers . voluptuous and exotic burlesque dancers ~

Come test your skills on the amazing Carnival Midway! You are guaranteed to win a prize! Be shocked by the gruesome and bizarre wonders inside the Cabinet of Curiosities!

  • ~ Can we wear costumes? Yes! We would love it if the audience was more colorful and interesting than us!
  • ~ Is it kid friendly? Yes...well, as long as your kids are used to hanging around us. There may be some sexy moments, but there won't be any outright sexuality. Our announcer will warn you if anything risque is coming you can make sure you are back in your seats!
  • ~ When will the Midway games start? We are shooting for them to start around 7pm. The doors still won't be opening until 8pm, so that the last finishing touches can be put on our show. Come have your fortune told, watch a fire eater, play carnival games and feel like a kid again! The Midway is a fundraiser to help Awalim feed themselves while in the UK. We have two events where we'll be teaching and performing, but there will be 11 days in between for us to hang out and explore!

What Pleasures Await You?

Red Light Cafe
553 Amsterdam Ave, Atl, GA 30306 for directions
Call Zi'ah at 404~581~0199 for more info

Saturday, Oct. 18th, 2008
9:00 PM (Doors open at 8:00PM)
All for a Nominal Fee of $12 at the door

Carnival Midway games will be $1 each as a fundraiser for Awalim's upcoming trip to the UK!
~* Bring your "I voted!" sticker and/or NPR pledge drive confirmation to enter our annual socially concious raffle for sensational prizes! *~
New location for Thursday Intermediate class!
Starting Thursday, October 23, Ziah's Intermediate class will be held at Several Dancers Core at 8pm. Directions can be found here: (we recommend printing the directions and bringing them with you).

If you have any questions, please contact Ziah at 404.581.0199 or reply to this email.

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