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Ziah's next class session & TribalCon show!

Ziah and Awalim's 2009 Class Sessions


Ziah's next 6 week session starts Jan 6th and runs until Feb 10th @ Several Dancer's Core in Decatur, Directions at (recommended to print directions and bring with you)

TUESDAYS  Jan 6 - Feb 10, 2009
~ 7-8PM Basic Technique
This class is an introduction to basic technique for belly dance. The class will include an introduction to rhythms, 48 basic movements, transitioning between these moves, traveling, appropriate arm positions, working with music and warm ups and cool downs. These moves are solid basics for any bellydance style- Tribal, Egyptian,
Turkish, etc.
~ 8-9:30PM Tribal Boot Camp: Drills, Zills and Partnerwork!**
This class will be focused on drills to increase technique and stamina. We will also begin working in pairs in an open ATS style for a portion of the class in order to foster emoting and musicality. This class is open to any and all whether they have completed any of my prior classes but it is not for a complete beginner. The class structure will be a high energy warm up with zills, layered traveling drills for the entire class, and a cool down with yoga and floorwork at the end. This will be a great class for those striving to push themselves to that next level or the professional who just wants to increase their stamina. Zills required and shoes highly recommended.

*There will be no Thursday Intermediate classes during this session.

Payment and Prices:
Basic Technique: $72 for the Six Week Session, $15 for a drop-in.
Tribal Boot Camp: $20 for a drop-in and $100 for the six week session.
10% discount for any multiple classes
Registration takes places 30 min. before class begins.
Cash, checks made out to Lisa McKinney or PayPal ahead of time to



Don't miss TribalCon's mind-blowing Saturday Show, Feb. 21st! Tickets sold before Jan. 11th are only $15! They go up to $20 afterward.

A full professional level show, brimming with the United States' top Tribal performers:

Majida Anwar
Black V
DeLacey Santini of Gypsy Hands
Delirium Tribal Bellydance Company
Jahara Phoenix Dance Company
Blue Damsel
Awalim Dance Company
Devyani Dance Company
Liora and Company
Donna Mejia
Jen Speiden w/ Mandara
Mira Betz
Onca & August of the Mezmer Society

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