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Moria of BDSS Workshop in Atlanta, GA!

BellyDanceSuperStars and Ziah of Awalim present:

Moria Chappell Workshop at Eyedrum! Let's give a big welcome to our hometown girl while she passes through town on tour!

This Saturday March 14th, 10am to 1pm

Moria w/ BDSS
Moria Solo

Fine Tuning workshop $75, limited to 40 people to register

Fine Tuning is a three-hour workshop where techniques and combinations are drilled to improve fluid movements while keeping the hands intentionally placed and expressive, the head and shoulders aligned, and the arms fluid and strong—all the while maintaining strength and control in the hips and abdomen.
As the last step in refining your dance, and thus your segue to professionalism, this class focuses on the polished moves that make a dancer exquisite to watch.

Eyedrum 290 MLK Jr. Dr. SE, Suite 8, Atlanta, GA 30312
For directions go to
Please arrive early to sign in!

Ziah 404 581 0199
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